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Want to start investing here are the mistakes to avoid

Making investments can be a great way to grow your money, and use money that would otherwise be stuck in a bank for something more useful.

However, by its nature, investing can be unpredictable and comes with risks, which won’t be helped if you are also making investment mistakes.

Here are some of the more common investment mistakes you should try to avoid.

Failing to let a loser go

If you make the decision to invest your money in shares, it is inevitable that one day you will invest in a company that falls in value. A big mistake investment beginners often make here is to hold onto the shares in the hope that it will rise to its original value so they can sell it and at least break even. However, in these cases, the value of the company often continues to slide, reducing how much you can recoup. The money would have been better off spent on other investments.

Not having enough patience

Like almost anything in life, overnight success in investments is extremely rare. Most success comes slowly and steadily, and the same is true for investments. You need to always remember that investing in companies is a long-term project, so don’t get impatient and make drastic decisions because you got frustrated with waiting for something to happen.

Getting too sentimental about a company

When a company you invest in does well and grows in value it can be easy to get sentimental – so much so that it can cloud your judgement if the company starts to do badly and shrinks in value. You need to remember that you are an investor and you need to think about selling if any circumstances change.

Failing to diversify

When it comes to investments, diversifying is one of the most important things you need to do in order to be safe, and eventually successful. It means making investments in a range of assets rather than putting everything in one basket.

If you fail to diversify and only invest in one company, you will lose everything if that company fails. However, if your investment in that failed company is only a percentage of your overall investment portfolio then only that percentage will be affected.

Need investment advice?

If you want the best chance of finding success in investments you need the help and guidance of a financial adviser. Get in touch with Oracle Consultants now for all the advice you need to make the right investments and grow your portfolio.