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Tips for writing your will

Making a will can seem like a scary process. It sounds like something very complicated, and on top of that it forces you to think about your own death, which is something nobody enjoys doing.

However, writing a will can actually be quite a simple process if you have the right people helping you and the right advice.

Here are some tips to help you write a robust and legally valid will.

Make sure your will is signed correctly

Since this is one of the last things you do with your will, it is an easy thing to overlook. You don’t want to go to all the trouble of having your will drafted only for it to be invalidated due to it not being signed correctly. You need to sign your will in front of two witnesses, neither of whom can be included in the will, or married to anybody in the will.

Be specific with heirlooms

It can be easy to think about the big things, such as who gets how much money, but don’t forget about the little things such as heirlooms. It could be a wedding ring, or simply a clock, but they might not go to the people you want them to if you don’t mention it in your will.

Think carefully about your executors

An executor is the person who is given the responsibility to make sure the instructions laid out by you in your will are carried out correctly. It can be a stressful job, often involving lots of money and dealing with mourning friends and relatives. Choose somebody who you know you can trust, and make sure you tell them beforehand so it doesn’t catch them by surprise.

Keep your will safe

There is no point going to all the trouble of writing a will if it is kept so secret that nobody knows of its existence when you die. Once you have signed your will, keep it stored in a safe storage facility where it will be protected from loss or damage. Your chosen executors will be given a certificate telling them how to access the will after you die.

What to do if you have any children younger than 18

If you have children below the age of eighteen years old, it is a very good idea to appoint a guardian in your will – otherwise it will be left for the courts to decide in the event you are the last living parent when you die. If you are married, your spouse would usually become the legal guardian, but it can be more complicated if you and your partner are not married.

Get the will drawn up by professionals

DIY will-writing packs are pretty popular because people think it is an easy and cheap way to make a will. However, it is so easy to make mistakes that mean either your will isn’t legally valid or your estate isn’t distributed how you would like that it is usually not worth it. Instead you should consider seeking the help of a solicitor to aid you in drawing up your will.

Ask Oracle for advice

There is only so much information that can be covered in a single blog post. If you want more detailed guidance on writing your will so that your estate is distributed exactly as you wish, contact Oracle Consultants on 020 7112 8842 or info@oracleadvice.co.uk.