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Inheritance Tax


Securing the future of your family’s financial future if you are incapacitated or after your death.

Nobody likes to think about their own death, but it is inevitable.

Oracle will help you secure the financial security of your family after you’ve died or become unable to make your own decisions after becoming ill or disabled.

Ensuring your wishes are met

When you get in touch, Oracle will discuss with the numerous ways of using Trusts and Wills to ensure your wishes are met after your death.

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Setting up a Trust

Property Protection Trust: This ensures that if you or your spouse requires residential care due to an accident, sickness, or old age, you do not lose your home due to the Community Care Act 1990 requiring you to sell it in order to pay long-term care costs.

Discretionary Trusts: This enables a Trust to manage part of an estate – principally property or investments – on behalf of beneficiaries and paying them income or capital, etc.

Disabled Discretionary Trusts/Long-Term Care Manager: This enables you to organise your long-term care if you are disabled and your family is unable to provide care. You can also organise long-term care for other family members such as spouses or children. Planning ensures that your estate is not swallowed up by long-term care costs.

Get the funeral you want without burdening your family: Guaranteed Funeral Plans

When you die, one of the biggest issues facing your family is dealing with your funeral arrangements, which can be extremely stressful at such a sad time.

Guaranteed Funeral Plans enable you to plan the financing of your own funeral before you die.

You can pay for the funeral at today’s prices, and it is not classed as an asset of your estate so will help minimise any Inheritance Tax owed.

One of Oracle’s financial planners will help you find the right funeral plan for you.

Keeping your important documents safe: Safe Custody

It’s understandable that you’d want to keep all of your important documents such as house deeds, Wills, or insurance policies close to hand, but keeping them at home puts them at risk of theft, loss, or destruction.

Oracle can help arrange Safe Custody facilities to keep all your important documents safe.


A Will is a document that sets out how you wish your estate to be managed and distributed upon your death. It usually also includes who you want to administer your estate, who is known as the Executor. You can also write a Living Will, which sets out how you wish to be cared for if you become unable to make decisions for yourself. You must be at full mental capacity at the time of signing the document.

It is recommended that you review your Will about every three years.

Professional Will Writers

It is recommended you use the services of a professional Will Writer to ensure that you do not miss any details and risk having your estate not distributed entirely as you wish. A qualified Will Writer will charge a market rate of around £150. Avoid Will Writers who charge much lower rates, as their services usually include hidden costs.

Nominating a professional Executor to administer your estate

The Executor named in a Will is usually a close friend or family member, but you can also nominate a professional Executor to administer your estate.

If you want to nominate a friend or family member, we recommend you also nominate a professional as a joint Executor to handle more complicated and stressful issues such as Inheritance Tax.

Handling Inheritance Tax

Unfortunately, Inheritance Tax no longer only affects the rich – you now only need an estate valued at £325,000 or above to be liable for Inheritance Tax.

Oracle will help your beneficiaries to receive the maximum possible value of your estate by organising your finances and estate in a way to ensure the minimum Inheritance Tax is owed.

Lasting Powers of Attorney: What happens if you become unable to look after yourself?

A Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to appoint a person or persons to act on your behalf if you become incapacitated, for example through disability or old age, etc. If you become unable to make decisions for yourself but you haven’t appointed a Lasting Power of Attorney, a court may appoint one, taking the decision out of your hands. That’s why it’s important to seek guidance before you become unable to do so.

Ask us about our comprehensive Trusts & Wills services: Get in touch

Call us on 020 7112 8842 or email info@oracleadvice.co.uk to talk to an Oracle adviser on all matters of Trusts & Wills. Guidance from Oracle ensures that your estate is distributed exactly as you wish upon your death, and that you are cared for properly if you become unable to look after yourself and make your own decisions

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