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Looking at the long-term Investments

Saving isn’t the only way of using your money to secure your long-term future.

Investing your money, although it comes with risks, is a way to spend your free cash on assets that can rise and fall in value.

As an investment adviser based in Central London, Oracle is in the perfect position for giving you the independent investment advice you need.

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What can you invest in?

There are different types of Investments services, including ISAs, shares, property, and unit trusts, etc. They all fall under different ‘asset classes’, the main ones being shares, bonds, property, and cash deposits.

You can invest in these directly, but it is highly recommended that you seek the help of an experienced Financial Advisers, such as those here at Oracle Consultants.

How should you invest?

Oracle Consultants will guide you through the best approach of Investments Services depending on your circumstances. However, there are typically two methods of managing your investments services:

Shielding your investments: Tax Wrappers

These are tax breaks that you can – subject to certain rules – wrap around your investment to shield it from some or all tax. The wrapper can be around either the underlying investment or the pooled investment.

Investing in Oracle

As Central London-based investment advisers, Oracle aims to make your investments less risky by giving you top-class, professional advice.

Our investment advice includes guiding you through the different types of investments services available to ensure you’re 100% sure of all of the risks, and we’ll explain all the potential rewards.

Managing your investments with a Central London-based investment adviser: Get in touch

For an investment adviser based in Central London that can provide a safer way to make investments and secure your financial future, get in touch with an Oracle Advisers on 020 7112 8842 or info@oracleadvice.co.uk.

Since all investments involve assets which rise and lower in value, there is never a 100% guarantee you’ll make a profit, or even recoup all of your original investment, but seeking the professional advice of an investment adviser such as Oracle Consultants means we’ll be there to give all the advice you need to make better decisions.

Investment advisers regulated by the FCA

As investment advisers, Oracle Consultants Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for pure protection and general insurance business. You can check this on the FCA’s Register by visiting the FCA’s website www.fca.org.uk.

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