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Corporate Protection

Secure Your Business against the Unexpected

Have you ever thought of the unexpected consequences to your business if you, a key employee, or one of the business partners becomes critically ill or worse, dies?

Losing a business partner, shareholding director or any key employee can have a significant impact on the overall success of the business, but it’s not just about the loss of profit a business may suffer; you also need to consider whether the business can continue or not if any of these key people of the business suffers from a serious illness or dies.

That’s why, at Oracle Consultants, we emphasise on the significance of protecting you and your company against the unexpected possibilities. With us, you can customise your protection plan that suits your, your business partners’, and other key employee’s needs — both in the short term and the long term. Doing this will ensure you and your business are absolutely protected financially no matter what happens.

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Corporate Protection

It’s most common that when it comes to protecting a company’s certain assets— it’s always the building property, stock, vehicles, equipment— but, wait— what about the employees? Employees are a company’s biggest asset. These are the people whose hard work is the actual face of the company or business. They are the backbones of any organisation. It cannot be denied that serious illness or death of one of your most esteemed employees can lay a critical impact on the success of the company. That’s why it is important to have the right protections in the place.

Why is Corporate Protection a Must Today?

Today, most of the businesses, especially small to medium sized, depend on a handful of key decision makers in order to grow and

maintain profits— their experience and expertise in the company and the industry it works in can easily be underrated,particularly as their drive and devotion become entrenched over each passing year.
The real value of such people should never be underestimated or ignored, so have you ever thought what would really happen to the business if the worst were to happen?
Could it endure one of them being diagnosed with a serious illness, or even dying? Life (like any business) is totally unpredictable and the more protected you are, the higher chance the business will have of surviving.
Probably you’re the one fueling your business and taking it higher! Oracle Advise believes that a well-planning for critical eventualities can help you save lots of effort, trouble and time in the future.

Three types of corporate or business protection:

Shareholder protection

Key person protection

Loan Protection

We never know what is around the corner and we all hope that such kinds of scenarios will never apply to us; yet, it can be cautious to explore these possibilities to ensure you safeguard the business you have worked so hard and dedicatedly to build up.

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