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How to find the perfect property

There are more people looking for houses to buy than there are houses so you won’t be living in your dream property any time soon if you just sit back instead of actively looking for the perfect property.

Here are eight tips to help you find your dream property.

Take your own photos

Estate agents’ photos are made to look flashy, to show the property in the best light. Take your own photos on your phone at property viewings, as these will give a much more accurate and realistic view of the property when you are looking at them later on and trying to remember what you really thought of the property.

Think in square feet

Most of the rest of the world thinks of property size in terms of square feet rather than the number of rooms. Square feet is better at showing the potential of properties rather than being stuck thinking a particular property is completely fixed in design.

Your dream property could come after knocking down a wall or even building a new one.

Visit multiple properties in one day

To find the perfect property you will need to view lots of them. However, if you leave gaps that are too long between viewings you’ll either forget how much you loved or hated certain properties, or you could fall in love with the first property you view but wait too long to make an offer because you are still waiting to view other properties and find it’s already sold.

Visit at night time too

If you find a property you like, visit it again at night time so you can see how quiet (or noisy) the neighbours are, how much road traffic there is, and how noisy any nearby railway lines are, etc.

Check your phone signal

Make a phone call at the viewing to ensure you can get a signal in the house.

Check out approved and pending planning permissions

Go to the local town hall to check on any planning permissions that have been approved or pending in the local area. It will not only warn you of any changes that could occur after you have bought a property, but it will give you an idea of the planning permission you could receive for making changes to your new property.

Put your bid in writing

If you think you’ve found the right property and are ready to put in a bid, do it in writing. It formalises the arrangement and lets the seller and estate agent know you are serious.

Check out any new transport links

Checking out any planned new transport links near a property could either give you the potential to get where you need to go quicker and easier, or it could give you a warning sign that a railway line will be built through your back garden.