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93-95 Gloucester Place,

London W1U 6JQ, United Kingdom.

Unit 4 Arlington Court,

Business Park, Stevenage SG1 2FS

independent financial adviser

Do you actually need a financial adviser?

As independent financial advisers, we offer advice on a whole range of different financial products, from investments and home insurance to mortgages and Income Protection Insurance. But do you actually need a financial adviser, or should you go it alone? Here are some reasons why you...

FTSE boosted by falling pound

FTSE boosted by falling pound

Fall in pound has boosted FTSE100 This week (starting 10th October) the FTSE100 rose to its highest level due to a dramatic fall in the pound, before falling back just before close of market. The fall in the pound came about by even more worries about how...


A guide to Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurance helps cover your living costs in cases where you are no longer able to work due to illness. Unlike Accident, Sickness, and Unemployment (ASU) insurance, which usually only pays out for a period of one or two years, Income Protection insurance will...

What to ask a financial advisor?

Questions to ask any financial adviser Your financial future is important, so you need to be sure that you choose the right financial adviser. Here are some questions to ask financial advisers to help you find the right one. What services does the financial adviser provide? There are...

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning Tips

Retirement planning tips from Oracle’s financial advisers Retirement planning isn’t something you should leave until just before retirement. Properly planning for your retirement is necessary in ensuring you can live your retirement in comfort. As London-based financial advisers, Oracle help people plan for their retirement based on...

Love Apprenticeships certificate

Oracle Consultants awarded Love Apprenticeships certificate, and looking for more apprentices We are very pleased to announce that Oracle Consultants has been awarded a ‘Love Apprenticeships’ certificate for the investments we have made in using apprenticeships to find talent for our business. We love working with apprentices Our...

How to diversify your business

Your business might just be selling one product and still be doing great, but what happens if that product goes out of fashion or becomes obsolete? Your business will collapse. The best way to prevent this is by diversifying your business. Doing more than one thing...

Top tip on how to start a business

Oracle Consultants deals with all sorts of financial matters, from accounting and loans to insurance and investments, so we know a thing or two about what goes into starting a business. Finding the perfect business idea One of the best ways of finding your business idea is...