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93-95 Gloucester Place,

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Unit 4 Arlington Court,

Business Park, Stevenage SG1 2FS

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What does Brexit mean for house prices

What does the EU referendum result mean for London house prices? On 23rd June the British public voted 52-48 to leave the EU, but what does this mean for house prices in London? House prices before the EU referendum Before the EU referendum took place, London house prices...

What to ask a financial advisor?

Questions to ask any financial adviser Your financial future is important, so you need to be sure that you choose the right financial adviser. Here are some questions to ask financial advisers to help you find the right one. What services does the financial adviser provide? There are...

mortgage broker

Do you need a mortgage broker?

Do you need to use an independent mortgage broker? You might be tempted to go it alone when looking for a mortgage thinking that you will save money, but an independent mortgage broker will usually save you more money than their fees cost. There are also a...

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning Tips

Retirement planning tips from Oracle’s financial advisers Retirement planning isn’t something you should leave until just before retirement. Properly planning for your retirement is necessary in ensuring you can live your retirement in comfort. As London-based financial advisers, Oracle help people plan for their retirement based on...

investment funds

A Guide to collective investment funds

Oracle’s guide to Collective Investment Funds: One of the most common and effective ways to diversify your investment portfolio is by putting your money into a Collective Investment Fund. Collective Investment Funds allow you to get returns on your money without the masses of experience and time...

What you need to know about home insurance

Do you need to buy home insurance? Depending on your needs, you can purchase either buildings and contents insurance, or both. Many home insurance providers sell both in combined policies often at a cheaper price than buying both separately. Buildings cover insures the actual building against dangers...