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93-95 Gloucester Place,

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What to ask a financial advisor?

Questions to ask any financial adviser

Your financial future is important, so you need to be sure that you choose the right financial adviser. Here are some questions to ask financial advisers to help you find the right one.

What services does the financial adviser provide?

There are many different areas within the world of finance, from mortgages to life insurance, and plenty in between. As such, different financial advisers offer different things. Ask them if they provide the services you need.

Oracle Consultants has experts in many areas of finance, which means we can give financial advice in most areas, looking at your situation as a whole to find you all the products you need.

Is the financial adviser regulated?

All companies providing financial advice must be regulated by the FCA. You can check out a financial adviser on the FCA’s website to make sure they are authorised to provide financial advice.

Is the financial adviser qualified?

You should ask any financial adviser about the qualifications they have, since this could give an indication to the quality and type of financial advice they can provide you with.

Is the financial adviser independent?

We recommend that you choose an independent financial adviser, such as Oracle, because you will be given access to the best deals and products across the whole of the financial market. An independent financial adviser does not benefit from favouring any particular provider of financial products.

What experience does the financial adviser have?

Finance is a diverse and often complicated subject, so there is a lot to learn. That means you need to have lots of experience to be a good financial adviser. You should ask financial advisers how much experience they have.

How does the financial adviser charge you?

Before signing up to the services of a financial adviser, you should ask them for an estimate of how much they are going to charge for their services, and how they get paid.

How often does the financial adviser review your situation?

Your financial situation changes all the time, so it is important that your financial planning is always evolving. Ask financial advisers how often they will review your particular situation.