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93-95 Gloucester Place,

London W1U 6JQ, United Kingdom.

Unit 4 Arlington Court,

Business Park, Stevenage SG1 2FS

independent financial adviser

Do you actually need a financial adviser?

As independent financial advisers, we offer advice on a whole range of different financial products, from investments and home insurance to mortgages and Income Protection Insurance.

But do you actually need a financial adviser, or should you go it alone? Here are some reasons why you should get help from an independent financial adviser such as Oracle Consultants

An independent financial adviser will find out about your specific needs

When you go directly to financial services providers, they are not always interested in giving you the best deal based on what you actually need. Oracle’s financial advisers will really get to know your needs so that we can find the right deal for you.

An independent financial adviser will give you more options

Oracle’s independent financial advisers have contacts across all areas of financial services, which means we often have access to deals not publically available. This means getting an even better deal.

An independent financial adviser will give you more protection

When you look for financial products on your own, the decision will be left up to you whether or not you accept a deal – if you later find that the deal isn’t really suitable for you, it will be difficult to claim compensation.

As independent financial advisers, on the other hand, we are legally obliged to ensure you pay for a suitable financial product. It’s in our interest to get it right because you could otherwise claim for compensation.

An independent financial adviser can save you a lot of time

You might feel that you’d rather not pay the cost of an independent financial adviser, but you need to consider whether the extra time you’ll have to spend finding the right deal on your own is worth it.

While we’re talking about cost, it’s worth pointing out that we always make it clear how much you’ll be paying us in fees.

An independent financial adviser will help you make the right investments

One of the most difficult things when it comes to strengthening your finances is making the right investments. With a financial adviser by your side, it will be a lot easier to make the right investment choices.

Get in touch

If we’ve convinced you that you’re better off with the help of a financial adviser, get in touch by calling 020 7112 8842 or requesting a callback.